How to Become TV Anchor

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Being a news anchor or a TV anchor is an exciting work, but if you want to become an anchor just for glory and glamour then you may have to rethink about this profession. This profession needs some key skills like strong communication and interpersonal skills, hard work, ability to engage with audience and guests, professional image and attire, time management, ability to talk with the most difficult personalities, knowledge of social media etc. If you think you have the guts and dedication to become an anchor then follow these steps:

1. Get a bachelor’s Degree: Many TV channels or stations require a bachelor’s degree, most preferably Journalism degree, although communication and similar majors are also acceptable. These courses focus on writing skills, communication and interpersonal skills and knowledge of different fields like Public affairs reporting, law and ethics of journalism, Practical anchoring and presentation, knowledge of Camera, Editing and Broadcast reporting help students to prepare for their career.

2. Gain Experience with Degree: In this competitive world one should have experience along with degree and for this you can get experience while pursuing bachelor’s degree. Many TV channels or stations hire over the summer or part time during the semester. A student can learn how a TV channel operates before pursuing full time career during internship. For future use students can develop good work contacts with TV channels.

3. Self confidence is the key: One should have sure feelings of oneself and his abilities but not in arrogant way, in realistic way. There are some points one should take care of: • Self-awareness - Be honest about ones strengths and weaknesses. • Integrity - true confidence comes from living in reality and knowing that one can handle whatever life throws at him. One should have courage and determination to handle all situations. • Decisiveness - Don't be afraid to make decisions.

4. Communication Skills: Being able to communicate well is important in all fields of life. Especially if you want to become an anchor you should have good communication skills. Being a good listener is one of the best ways to become a good communicator

Leadership skills are also important if you want to become an anchor because an anchor holds prestigious position in this industry. So keeping in mind these points you can become a Good TV Anchor.

 Archana Singh

Ms. Karishma Dayer

      Assistant Professor Pacific Institute of Business Studies,,     Pacific University, Udaipur