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Today engineering is not bound to traditional Electrical, Civil and Computer engineering. With streams like Mining, Aeronautical and Agriculture engineering; we have seen the growth of many choices of engineering education in the last ten years. Mining engineering is an engineering branch which includes collecting minerals from the environment. Mining Engineers execute engineering fundamentals to the safe and adequate removal of natural resources from these mines. This education allows you to examine minerals such as coal, alloys, and diamonds and how to obtain them from the soil correctly and in an eco-friendly way. As a mining engineer, you can compose mines as well as maintain them. This field will guide you with the science behind mining and minerals. You will also explore mineral processing and refining methods. Generally, Mining engineers specialize in one metal or mineral, since you acquire comprehensive learning and then choose one topic that fascinates you the most. Mining engineers often concentrate on a particular mineral or metal, such as iron or coal. It is a mining engineer’s responsibility to assure that the mines are performed carefully and in the most environmentally effective manner. Mining engineers perform a significant role in getting answers to pushing concerns like water, air pollution, and land restoration

Mining Engineers gain employment in various different areas. You could assist with geologists and metallurgic technicians to locate new mineral deposits. The mineral manufacturers require highly skilled engineers and specialists. With the rising importance of mining exercises, an occupation in mining has become a fruitful alternative now. Employments are open in both the government and the private division. The initial package for a mining engineer in India may be within 5-8 lakhs per anum. Some prosperous corporations that choose .

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