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In recent years because of globalization different kind of professions have emerged which has given a constant rise in number of students who are opting for arts. In today's changing scenario of world economics great many careers in hospitality and other service sectors are on rise which has given a great platform for arts students The most common course after 12th is the BA course in which you can choose from a wide range of subjects like psychology ,English literature, history, geography ,economics and many more. After BA students can appear for various competitive exams like IAS, RAS, SSC, bank PO,CDS, PSI , clerical exams and many other competitive exams. If the student does not want to appear for civil services they can expertise in particular subjects like psychology and become a clinical psychologist, they can take up literature and get into the teaching profession .unlike specialized fields like medicine and engineering arts open's up an array of felids to choose from. Arts students can accommodate themselves in the management institutes, in tourism, in advertising, in journalism and in creative field’s .The hospitality industry is one that never runs out of job and today tourism and hotel or event management is one of the most lucrative jobs for the youth which they can have after having a degree in arts. The myth that the art stream is only for students with no future or those who get bad marks in 10th standard is thankfully debunked, Today arts is a stream of million responsibilities , and job prospects. Since this is a creative field it enables students to pursue their career as a photographer, teacher ,editor, graphic designer, historian. writer, musician, psychologist, curators ,artist ,lawyers, and civil servants .

Dr. Nasir Hussain

Dr. Bhavna Detha

     Pacific College of Social Sciences and Humanities