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Dairy Technology is an Engineering field that deals with the handing of milk and milk products. It specifically deals with handing of dairy products from procurement to the end user consumer involving steps of processing, packaging, logistics and storage. The dairy products like milk, ice-cream, curd etc. are processed by implying the science of biochemistry, bacteriology and engineering with the objective of spoilage prevention, quality improvement and shelf-life enhancement.

The Dairy Industry has seen spectacular growth in past with improved quality and production standards of various milk products and this has also lead to increased demand of dairy equipments in India. The growth of milk production industries provides vast career opportunities for dairy technologists.

In India, there are more than 800 milk processing units and they need qualified and well trained personnel for efficient running of their processing units. The growth of dairy processing units has increased demand for manufacturing of dairy equipments. As of now more than 170 dairy equipment manufacturers catering to this demand and theses equipment manufacturer requires dairy technologist for design and execution of projects. Thus dairy technology offers broad job spectrum for the career.


Sunil Paliwal

     Pacific Institute of Dairy & Food Technology
     PAHER University,Udaipur